Children and staff at East Leake Day Nursery have been confirmed as ‘Outstanding in All Areas’ by their Ofsted inspection. The report highlighted the following;

Children's natural curiosity to learn is nurtured through well-planned activities and outstanding teaching throughout the nursery. Children are eager, ready to learn and developing the skills needed for school.

The leadership and management team is highly ambitious and constantly aims towards achieving the highest standards in care and education. Continuous evaluation and improvement successfully build on the existing, effective provision and are very effective in improving outcomes for children.

Observations and assessments of children's progress are precise. Management monitors staff's assessments and tracks groups of children accurately and in detail. They ensure any gaps in learning are quickly identified and addressed.

The nursery staff place a strong emphasis on working closely with parents, other settings and specialist services. These partnerships support staff to provide children with continuity of care and enable them to maintain a fully inclusive environment.

Parents are overwhelmingly positive and full of praise for all the staff, recognising the progress children make and the quality of the well-qualified workforce.

Children's safety and happiness are paramount and at the heart of the nursery's ethos. Staff are vigilant and have an excellent understanding of how to support children's well being. Staff are enthusiastic and passionate about their roles.

They inspire all children to do their best. Children eagerly join in, concentrate and persevere in all activities. Skilful interactions, clear explanations and excellent questioning techniques are used to help children make rapid progress in their language development.

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